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Workshop on Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Assessment in Medical EMF Applications

COST EMF-MED Workshop on Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Assessment in Medical EMF Applications

Prague, Czech Republic, 18 November 2015

Abstract Collection

Authors Abstract Presentation
N. Kuster Setting the Stage for In Silico to Bedside: Basic V&V&QA Requirements (invited lecture) presentation
J. Wiart Uncertainty Assessment with Polynomial Chaos Decomposition (invited lecture, by teleconference) presentation
E. Neufeld Assessing and Demonstrating the Credibility of Computational Medical Device Evaluation: The Need for Benchmarks
J. Karpowicz Multi-Center Collaboration Aimed in Validation and Verification of Evaluation Protocols and Virtual Models Involved in Analysis of Electromagnetic Field Influence Covering the Limb Currents presentation
E. Zastrow V&V Applied for Evaluation of MRI Safe Implants  presentation
V. Lopresto Tissue Properties Variations in Multi-Physics Predictive Models for Treatment Planning of Microwave Thermal Ablation presentation
P. Zradziński The Role of Human Body Virtual Phantom Structure and Dielectric Properties in the Evaluation of Electromagnetic Influence on the User of Bone Conduction Hearing Prosthesis presentation
V. Monebhurrun Numerical Model Calibration Using Experimental Data (invited lecture) presentation
V. De Santis Verification of Computational Anatomical Models: The Role of the Skin Modeling in LF Applications presentation
T. Drizdal Software and Hardware Stability Testing in Hyperthermia Treatment Planning presentation
D. A. M. Iero Optimal Power Focusing in Microwave Hyperthermia: A Robustness Assessment presentation
W. Kainz V&V Requirements in the Regulatory Context (invited lecture, by teleconference) presentation
K. El Khamlichi Drissi High-Resolution Method for The Analysis of Electrophysiological Activities presentation
D. Poljak Stochastic-Deterministic Approach to the Brain and Eye Dosimetry presentation
G. Schooneveldt Clinical Validation of a Thermophysical Bladder Model to Improve Hyperthermia Treatment Planning in the Pelvic Region presentation

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