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Workshop, Mini-Training, 3rd WGMs: June 2015 - Zurich, Switzerland

Workshop on Designing Focused Deep Hyperthermia by EMF,
Training on Hyperthermia,
3rd Working Group meetings:
Zurich, 23-24 June 2015

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Before the meeting

  • Venue:

Technoparkstrasse 1
8005 Zurich

  • Workshop on Designing Focused Deep Hyperthermia by EMF:

Download the Call for abstracts.

  • Training on Hyperthermia:

This 1-day training workshop is organized as ESHO Educational Day. It is completely free for all interested and eligible COST EMF-MED participants and includes transport to Kantonsspital Aarau and back to Zurich.

  • ESHO 2015:

COST EMF-MED event is taking place in conjunction with ESHO 2015, the annual meeting of the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology, 24-26 June 2015. The program of this conference is highly relevant to our Action, please check at ESHO 2015 program page.

After the meeting

COST EMF-MED Workshop on Designing Focused Deep Hyperthermia by EMF

Abstract Collection

Authors Abstract Presentation
M.W. Dewhirst Thermal dose challenges for the 2020 hyperthermia system (invited lecture) presentation
M. Paulides Towards target conformal RF-hyperthermia: a clinical perspective (invited lecture) presentation
A.G. Tijhuis Solutions for High Density Antenna Arrays for the 2020 Hyperthermia System (invited lecture) presentation
D. Vrba Metamaterial-Applicators for Microwave Hyperthermia Treatments  presentation
D. de Jong E-field Measurements in the Sigma-60 Water Bolus for Antenna Feed Point Correction  presentation
T. Samaras Deep hyperthermia: How much focusing is good enough? presentation
E. Balidemaj MR based reconstruction of the local SAR deposition using CSI-EPT presentation
J. Hartmann Non-invasive thermometry with reference to the practical application in a clinical environment presentation
S. Lechner-Greite Temperature mapping in adipose and aqueous tissue with joint T1 and PRFS quantification using Balanced SSFP presentation
E. Neufeld Ideal treatment planning system for deep localized hyperthermia in the future (invited lecture) presentation
D. Iero Towards Optimal Patient-Specific Hyperthermia Treatment-Planning via Constrained Power Focusing presentation
M. Gosselin Current IT’IS hyperthermia treatment planning platform, interactive demonstration presentation
M. Morega Thermal Control of Target Tissue Volume in Interstitial Hyperthermia presentation
V. Lopresto Microwave thermal ablation for cancer treatment: clinical gaps and research challenges to develop predictive models for treatment planning presentation
L. Vesellinova Enhancement of rf-emf therapy by means of selective accumulation of glucose conjugated magnetic nanoparticles in vivo in rats presentation
J. Crezee Thermal effects of irreversible electroporation presentation

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