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STSM approval procedure

COST EMF-MED STSM approval procedure


1. The STSM applications are collected at predefined dates, for review and ranking. The Calls and collection dates will be announced by ESTC (ESR/STSM/Training Coordinator), Prof Stavros Koulouridis.

2. The applications are collected by ESTC, who prepares the initial ranking based on:

a. a binary decision on the eligibility of the proposal based upon the COST rules (given in COST Vademecum and other COST official documents) and the compatibility with the Action;

b. the ranking criteria:

• scientific quality and originality/novelty;
• feasibility of the approach and realistic planning of the application;
• benefit of the STSM (added-value for the applicant, host, and home institutions, and COST Action EMF-MED).

Gender, geography, ESR balance and qualifications of the applicant will be taken into consideration when evaluating the proposals.

3. The final ranking is then reviewed by the Steering Group who finally approves the STSM applications.

4. The necessary documents will be announced in the Calls, in order to provide enough information for reviewing and ranking. STSM application will certainly include:

• Document generated by the online STSM application tool provided by COST;
• Short CV of the applicant with list of the main publications;
• Work plan description;
• Written agreement of the host institution with the work plan;
• Letter of support from the home institution.

If needed for the process of reviewing and ranking, ESTC and/or Steering Group may ask for additional explanations and documents.

STSM is completed by a mandatory procedure that includes submitting a scientific report about the STSM results.