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STSM hosting offers

STSM hosting offers


These STSM hosting offers have been submitted by potential hosts. This page serves as a facilitation of contact between potential hosts and grantees.

  • Instructions for organizations within EMF-MED interested to host a STSM grantee:

If you have an interest to act as a host on a targeted EMF-MED related topic, but don’t have prior arrangements with a potential grantee, you can publish your offer by filling the Google form at this link (fill one form per STSM topic). Please note: these offers will not be the subject of any ranking or endorsement in the STSM approval process. Only the submitted STSM applications will be ranked, as usual.

  • Instructions for potential STSM grantees:

If there is an offer suiting your interest, use it as the starting point and contact the host directly for further arrangements.

Hosting offers


Offer no.: 1
STSM topic
Develop and validate EMC testing procedures for medical devices in healthcare institutions in Low and Middle Countries (LMICs)
Name of Scientific Advisor (Host)
Dr Leandro Pecchia
Hosting laboratory/organization, country
Applied Biomedical Signal Processing and Intelligent eHealth Lab, University of Warwick, UK
Laboratory description
Clinical engineering, advanced biomedical signal processing, machine learning and eHealth, applied to emerging problems of health and wellbeing, especially in later life, represent the main focus of the lab.
The vision of the lab is to develop, validate, promote and apply sustainable solutions to face emerging challenges of later life, including, but not limited to, accidental falls, cardiovascular events, cognitive impairment, frailty and social exclusion.
The facilities of the lab include systems for powerful remote elaborations, also in real time, and medical devices, also wearable, for monitoring biomedical signals  and physiological parameters.
Current areas of interest include:
1) Clinical engineering
2) Sleep quality and sleep pattern monitoring
3) Short term prediction of falls in the elderly
4) User need elicitation
6) Health Technology Assessment (HTA) of eHealth
7) HTA based/informed eHealth designThe lab Director, Leandro Pecchia, has been recently awarded a project for the study of real operational conditions of medical devices in LMICs and to understand how these affect HTA of medical devices. This project aims to steer the discussion within the international biomedical engineering (BME) community, creating an international working group that will influence European and WHO policy on HTA of Medical Devices, with a specific focus on LMIC.The main activities of supported by this project are:
1) to host a meeting of an international working group, aiming to draft a white/paper on HTA of Medical devices.
2) support field studies in Africa, aiming to explore the operational condition of medical devices in a sub-Saharan country
3) support the dissemination of those preliminary results in scientific conference and discuss the preliminary findings with relevant European Institutions and with WHO.This project is conducted with the support of:
1) the World Health Organization (WHO)
2) the International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE)
3) Warwick Impact Fund
STSM activities
In the more general framework of the project described above (i.e., clinical engineering in LMICs) this project aims to achieve two main deliverables within 2 years: developing (1) and validating (2) EMC testing procedures for medical devices in healthcare institutions in LMICs.
Preferable duration/dates, restrictions
Host contact e-mail


Offer no.: 2
STSM topic
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Testing’s for Medical Devices
Name of Scientific Advisor (Host)
Prof. Dr. Almir Badnjevic
Hosting laboratory/organization, country
Verlab, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Laboratory description
Medical Devices Verification Laboratory based in Sarajevo. This is accredited and named by Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina Laboratory for the purpose of verification of medical devices which are the part of legal metrology system.
STSM activities
1. Transfer of knowledge between research groups in area of testing of performance of medical devices;
2. Establish and implement written policies and procedures for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing for medical devices and for properly incorporate EMC risks in HTA of medical devices;
3. Testing developed procedures in healthcare system in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
4. Educate healthcare facility staff, contractors, visitors, and patients about EMC and EMI and how they can recognize medical device EMI and help minimize EMI risks
Project Work – Plan
This project aims to start a lasting collaboration between two research groups, aiming to achieve two main deliverables within 2 years: developing (1) and validating (2) EMC testing procedures for medical devices in healthcare institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The contribution of research group made of experts in this field is very important since they have knowledge and significant expertise of EMC testing and the contribution of research group form Bosnia and Herzegovina is crucial since they have knowledge on developing and validating testing procedures for medical device performance. Finally, the developed framework will be validated and piloted in healthcare institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
1. Transfer of knowledge on medical device testing
2. Developed procedures for EMC testing
3. Testing developed procedure on large number of medical devices used in healthcare institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina
4. Scientific Article based on the results of this collaboration
5. Present a whitepaper with recommendations on how to incorporate EMC risks in HTA of medical devices to the next WHO Global Forum of medical devices
Preferable duration/dates, restrictions
30 days
Host contact e-mail