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By accepting the invitation with reimbursement, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the rules given in the below referenced documents and points.
These rules will be strictly applied by the Grant Holder in the process of reimbursement.
Additionally, the strict application of these rules will subsequently be checked by COST Association during the process of Action financial reporting.

When reimbursed for a meeting, you are obliged to study:

For our Final Event (Split, September 2018), we have a very important request: Once you book your long distance travel, please go to eCOST (link from your eCOST invitation) and enter the price of your long distance travel, as well as other prices if you have certain anticipation of them. You can enter the expenses without completing the claim. This will help us control the expenses in advance, and maximize the budget outcome – the Action ends soon after the conference, so we have to be very precise about the expenses!

As of 2017, we don’t require any printed documentation any more. The TRR (Travel Reimbursement Request), including all supporting documents, is submitted electronically in eCOST using Strong Authentication feature (electronic signature). However, please note: by COST instructions, original invoices / receipts and other forms of supporting documentation must be kept and archived by each claimant.

Grant Holder address and administrative contact: