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Final event: EMF-Med 2018, 10-13 September 2018 – Split, Croatia

COST EMF-MED Final Event:
EMF-Med 2018 conference (with 6th MCM), 10-13 September 2018 – Split, Croatia

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together with EMF-Med 2018 Training School, 13-15 September 2018 – Split, Croatia

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This page now shows only the relevant information related to COST EMF-MED participants. For the rest of the information about the conference and the Training School, click the appropriate banner above.

Important information:

Reimbursement rules:

The reimbursement rules for this meeting are specific. We managed to secure a sufficient number of rooms for reimbursed conference attendees in a new dorm building, 300m from the faculty venue:

We arranged a special price for reimbursed conference attendees:
– 150 HRK (ca. 20 €) per person for double occupancy in double room;
– 180 HRK (ca. 24 €) per person for single room, as well as for single occupancy of double room;
+ city tax.

This is a special arrangement for this conference, allowing flat rate reductions and consequently more reimbursed attendees. Flat rate per night is therefore reduced to 30 €. Furthermore, the restaurant attached to this accommodation will provide meals (dinner) for ca. 7 €, so the flat rate per meal will be reduced to 10 €. Lunches will be provided on site anyway, for the registered attendees.

Rooms are nice, definitely outperforming the price. It is a good circumstance that the rooms are rented through the summer, thus we are able to see over 1000 reviews on – averaging the score of 7.5, with breakdown by categories:

More added value follows and may be of interest to many participants:
– The second bed in a double room is normally available for your travelling companion at the same price per person, so you can book double rooms and bring along your companion.
– As a special arrangement – for conference attendees, the rooms can be booked already from Friday 07/09 all the way to Sunday 16/09 – for the same price! Thus you can extend your stay, but the number of reimbursed nights stays: max. 5. Travel reimbursement normally allows your arrival a few days earlier, and your departure a few days after the event, so you can include both weekends if you want.

Please note:
– FESB (Faculty of El. Eng.) is the conference organizer but not the owner of this accommodation – it is a different legal entity, although within the same University of Split. Therefore, the conference organization (FESB) will just mediate a deal between the attendee and the dorm, without handling the accommodation payments by FESB.
– Of course you don’t have to use the campus accommodation – in that case you find accommodation on your own, but the reimbursement flat rates are still the same for all reimbursed attendees.
– The rooms will be available only/primarily to the reimbursed attendees – we have to secure this reimbursement policy first. Therefore, the booking of campus accommodation will be connected to reimbursement eligibility. Only the surplus rooms (if any!) will be available (later) to non-reimbursed attendees.
– The general rules for reimbursements are given at – these will be followed, and by accepting your invitation later on, you accept these rules.

EMF-Med Week Split tentative time schedule

EMF-Med Week Split - tentative time schedule

- EMF-Med Week Split tentative time schedule (click to enlarge) -

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