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Steering Group (SG)

Steering Group (SG)

From the MoU:
The Steering Group (SG) is formed, consisting of the MC Chair, Vice-Chair, and the leaders of the Working Groups. The main role of the SG is to assist the MC by taking over the continuous tasks of communication, monitoring, data collection, materials preparation, dissemination coordination, and similar, upon decision of the MC. The main tasks of the SG are: to monitor the Action activities and quantitative indicators and pass the relevant information to the MC, to prepare the materials for the MC, to suggest activities to the MC, to organize the agendas of meetings, workshops, and any other such events, and to coordinate the activities of the Working Groups and facilitate efficient communication among them. The SG activities will be managed by the MC Chair. The SG will work closely and meet with the ESR/STSM/Training Coordinator (ESTC) and the Dissemination Manager (DM).


A dedicated person is appointed as the ESR/STSM/Training Coordinator (ESTC), with the primary role to coordinate and administer STSMs, Training Schools, and overall involvement of Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs).

A dedicated person is appointed as the Dissemination Manager (DM). The main role of the DM is to assist the SG by taking over the tasks such as: setting-up and updating the Action website; editting the Action newsletter; preparing and publishing the materials provided by MC Chair, WG leaders, SG, or MC, according to the dissemination plan; monitoring the dissemination activities and published information relevant to the Action.