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5th MCM, Workshops: June 2016 (BioEM 2016) – Ghent, Belgium

BioEM 2016 – Conference, 5th MCM: 5-10 (8-9) June 2016 – Ghent, Belgium

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Before the meeting

COST EMF-MED is co-organizing BioEM 2016, the premier international conference in the area of bioelectromagnetics to be held 5-10 June 2016 in Ghent, Belgium. BioEM conferences are organized as Annual Joint Meetings of the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) and the European BioElectromagnetics Association (EBEA).

All info about the conference can be found on BioEM2016 web site, including the full program of the conference and all travel and local info:

The conference will take place at Culture and Convention Center Het Pand, a former Dominican monastery located at Onderbergen 1, in the historic city center.

Besides the whole conference being co-organized by COST EMF-MED (together with BEMS and EBEA), the most related sessions forming the formal COST EMF-MED two-day event are concentrated on 8 – 9 June 2016 (Wednesday – Thursday) with the following program (as the integral part of the official BioEM2016 program):

Besides these sessions, COST EMF-MED related papers are also scattered in other sessions, including poster sessions on Monday and Tuesday. Note: COST EMF-MED participants attending only COST event on Wednesday and Thursday will also have access to poster exhibition, as posters will be displayed in accessible area.

Local Organizer of COST EMF-MED event (and BioEM 2016 Chair) is Prof. Luc Martens (Ghent University –  iMinds, BELGIUM),

After the meeting

Plenary session: Can we induce adaptive response with EM stimulation? The new frontier of immune system and EM field interaction

Chair: Myrtill Simko

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Plenary session: Need of a breakthrough in clinical application of hyperthermia: shared knowledge, gaps and challenges

Chairs: Gerard van Rhoon & Mirjana Moser

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Tutorial: “The Erice-EBEA School framework” – Neuroprotective effects of EM fields: from preclinical to clinical studies

Chair: Ferdinando Bersani

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Workshop: SIngle Cell Electromagnetic exposure and ANalysis: experimental considerations, coupling of optical imaging techniques, and biological outcomes (SICEAN)

Chairs: Caterina Merla & Rafael Davalos

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Session: Innovative perspectives for medical applications

Chairs: Antonio Sarolic & Theodoros Samaras

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Session: Computational models for medical applications

Chairs: Micaela Liberti & Marta Parazzini

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Session: Pulsed electric fields: from cells to animals

Chairs: Olga Pakhomova & Damijan Miklavcic

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