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2nd Call - 4th GP

2nd Call for STSM applications (in the 4th Grant Period)

Application deadline: Monday, December 11th 2017 - This Call has ended.

Approved applications:

Name Title (report available for download upon completion) Home Institution Host Institution Duration (days)
Eoghan Dunne Dielectric Measurement of Blood to Investigate Variations due to Liver Cirrhosis National University Of Ireland Galway, Ireland University of Malta, Malta 21
Rosella Franconi Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) delivery of an active recombinant human glycogen debranching enzyme (GDE) into Glycogen Storage Disease type III ENEA, Rome, Italy Institut Gustave Roussy, France 15
Ivan Gresits Measurement of specific absorption rate (SAR) of superparamagnetic ironoxide nanoparticles for clinical applications National Public Health Institute, Budapest, Hungary Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 7
Mats-Olof Mattsson Single-cell real-time imaging of ROS formation in J774.2 macrophages exposed to a 50 Hz sine-wave magnetic field AIT Austrian Institute Of Technology, Austria CNR-IREA, Naples, Italy 14
Simona Μiclaus Dielectric and magnetic characterization of magnetosomes suspensions (derived from magnetotactic bacteria) in the UHF-SHF frequency ranges, for further dosimetric studies Land Forces Academy Nicolae Balcescu, Sibiu, Romania University of Malta, Malta 11