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2nd Call - 3rd GP

2nd Call for STSM applications (in the 3rd Grant Period)

Application deadline: January 16th 2017 - This Call has ended.

Approved applications:

Name Title (report available for download upon completion) Home Institution Host Institution Duration (days)
Maie Bachmann Sensitivity of brain to stimulation by low-level microwave radiation: specification based on EEG/ERP Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia AAISCS Laboratory for Human Brain Dynamics, Cyprus  16
Grazia Cappiello Head and Neck Hyperthermia Treatment Planning Optimisation: Clinical and Thermal Validation National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands  61
Alexandru Deftu The effect of dorsal root ganglion electrostimulation on pain-related behaviors and electrophysiological properties of neurons University of Bucharest, Romania University of Split, Croatia  18
Alessandra LaGioia Examination of open-ended coaxial probe sensing volume for accurate dielectric measurements of complex biological tissues National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland Keysight Technologies, Austria  19