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2nd Call - 3rd GP

2nd Call for STSM applications (in the 3rd Grant Period)

Application deadline: January 16th 2017 - This Call has ended.

Approved applications:

Name Title (report available for download upon completion) Home Institution Host Institution Duration (days)
Maie Bachmann Sensitivity of brain to stimulation by low-level microwave radiation: specification based on EEG/ERP Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia AAISCS Laboratory for Human Brain Dynamics, Cyprus  16
Grazia Cappiello Head and Neck Hyperthermia Treatment Planning Optimisation: Clinical and Thermal Validation (report approved, publication pending) National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands  61
Alexandru Deftu The effect of dorsal root ganglion electrostimulation on pain-related behaviors and electrophysiological properties of neurons University of Bucharest, Romania University of Split, Croatia  18
Alessandra LaGioia Examination of open-ended coaxial probe sensing volume for accurate dielectric measurements of complex biological tissues National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland Keysight Technologies, Austria  19