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Call for proposals for extra meetings in 2016

Call for proposals for extra meetings of small groups in 2016 - This Call has ended.

Application deadline: 11 January 2016

At our MCM in Prague we agreed to redirect the underspent budget (if any, after we process Prague reimbursements) to dedicated meetings of small groups, which would meet and work together on a joint paper or a joint project proposal, or other Action-relevant joint effort, leading to more tangible outputs.

If you have such work in mind, send proposals for such meetings. There is no application form – please describe freely your proposal:

– What do you plan to do as a joint activity?
– Why do you need to meet?
– What meeting format and duration do you propose?
– How many people are needed to perform the work efficiently? Give the names if already known.
– Is the proposed meeting time-bound by a deadline and how?
– Do you expect a direct tangible output/deliverable from the meeting, and what will that be?

…plus all other info you find relevant. Additional details may be asked in subsequent correspondence.

Send your applications to, CC:

Meetings could be held in February, March and April (if absolutely necessary, also at the beginning of May), because we need to process the reimbursements and end the budget year on 30 May 2016.

Possible venues will be discussed later on. You could propose a venue, or an economically convenient venue might be suggested by the Action (e.g. COST Association in Brussels is one option).