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1st EMF-Med Training School Split, 13-15 September 2018

1st EMF-Med Training School Split, 13-15 September 2018

EMF-Med Training School Split is the first proprietary EMF-Med training school – an interdisciplinary school dedicated exclusively to this specific field: beneficial uses of EMFs in biomedical applications; initiated by COST Action EMF-MED; organized by FESB, University of Split, and co-organized by COST EMF-MED.

The planned topic of the 1st EMF-Med Training School is experimental dosimetry of EMF in biomedical research setups and in medical applications, including the topics of accuracy and uncertainty.

The school aims to provide interdisciplinary training, both for life science and for engineering researchers. Lectures and training will be given on biomedical research setups and on physical and engineering aspects of generating and controlling EMF in such setups. Additionally, selected medical applications will be reviewed from the same aspects.

COST EMF-MED will provide 24 trainee flat rate grants, set to max. 600 EUR, based on the Call to be published, followed by COST EMF-MED Training School grant approval procedure. Different grant amounts can be attributed to each trainee (as an additional decision in the process of grant approval procedure performed by ESTC and SG), based on the trainee’s point of origin.

Attend the entire EMF-Med week in Split 10-15 September 2018:

This 1st EMF-Med TS is being organized 13-15 September 2018, adjacent to (i.e. immediately following) the 1st EMF-Med World Conference 10-13 September 2018, providing the possibility to participate at both events forming an entire EMF-Med week in Split.

The school fee will be 200 € + 25% VAT = 250 € (Academic), or 300 € + 25% VAT = 375 € (Industry).

For those trainees registering also for the conference, i.e. attending the entire EMF-Med week, the discounted fee applies:
160 € + 25% VAT = 200 € (Academic), or 240 € + 25% VAT = 300 € (Industry).

All registered attendees are provided with:

  • Light lunches and coffee breaks on all conference days
  • Welcome and farewell cocktail
  • Training School materials

School tentative time schedule (including entire EMF-Med week):


Tentative school topics:

  • Introductory lectures:
    • EMF-Med: Biomedical applications of EMFs
    • Evidence based medicine
    • Translational medicine: from the experimental bench to the patient bedside
  • Crash courses:
    • Electromagnetics: crash course for life science reserachers
    • In vitro biological experiments: crash course for engineers
    • EMF simulations for biomedical applications: crash course
  • Lectures on selected setups and medical applications
    • EMF dosimetry in experimental in vitro and in vivo setups – accuracy and uncertainties
    • Neural electrophysiology experiments: EMF dosimetry, accuracy and uncertainties
    • Neuromodulation applications: EMF dosimetry, accuracy and uncertainties
    • Dielectric measurements: accuracy and uncertainties
    • Hyperthermia applications: EMF dosimetry, accuracy and uncertainties
    • RF and microwave ablation: EMF dosimetry, accuracy and uncertainties
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Final remarks, discussion, conclusions and wrap-up

Lecturers: tba