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1st Call - 3rd GP (closed)

1st Call for STSM applications (in the 3rd Grant Period)

Application deadline: Thursday, October 13th 2016 - This Call has ended.


Approved applications:

Name Title (report available for download upon completion) Home Institution Host Institution Duration (days)
Michal Cifra Non-invasive real-time luminescence monitoring of oxidative effects of pulsed electric fields Institute of Photonics and Electronics, Prague (CZ) Institut Gustave-Roussy, Villejuif (FR) 12 days
Claudia Consales Study of the biological effects induced by short pulses on stem and neuronal like cells ENEA, Rome (IT) Institut Gustave-Roussy, Villejuif (FR) 41 days
Tomas Garcia Sanchez Studying the effects of electric field stimulation on the fate of neuron cell cultures Institut Gustave-Roussy, Villejuif (FR) Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe (CIPF), Valencia (ES) 19 days
Elcin Ozgur Buyukatalay Cell Electroporation using EMF Signals Gazi University, Ankara (TR) Institut Gustave-Roussy, Villejuif (FR) 26 days
Fivos Panetsos Safety limits: Experimental data analysis and modeling of therapeutical non-invasive electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve Faculty of biology, Universidad Complutence de Madrid, Madrid(ES) Vienna University of Technology, Vienna (AT) 9 days
Gerben Schooneveldt Validation thermophysical fluid EMF model for phased array hyperthermia treatment planning Academisch Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam (NL) Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (SE) 19 days
Gunter Vermeeren Advanced SAR Assessment of Medical Devices & Therapies Applying Surrogate Modelling Ghent University, Ghent (BE) IT’IS, ETH Zurich, Zurich (CH) 12 days