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COST EMF-MED Meeting: 26-27 October 2017 – Vienna, Austria

COST EMF-MED WG Meetings and Workshops: 26-27 October 2017 – Vienna, Austria

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Our next meeting  is scheduled for 26-27 October in Vienna, locally organized by Prof Eugenijus Kaniusas, Vienna University of Technology – our MC Member from Austria.

Local info:

- Schedule and topics, incl. Call for additional topics:

The event will start on the afternoon of 26/10, finishing in the afternoon of 27/10. There is no MC meeting. Working Group meetings will be held, reviewing the progress in research and development of topics, as well as progress in preparation of the final event (1st EMF-MED conference). In addition, focused sessions are anticipated on the following two topics: 1) Electrostimulation for pain treatment; 2) EMF-based devices for cosmetics, well-being or similar use.

If you want to contribute to any of these topics, or propose the additional topics, contact anyone from the Steering Group or the Local Organizer or the Action Chair/Vice-Chair with your proposal.

- Reimbursements:

Maximum number of reimbursed nights will be limited to two (2), and the accommodation flat rate reimbursement will be reduced from 120 EUR to 100 EUR per night. (Of course, you can always extend your stay by non-reimbursed nights.) The maximum number of reimbursed meals will be limited to four (4).

- Doodle – your interest/availability to attend:

All interested participants – please leave your interest/availability to attend, at this Doodle link: